22 June 2009

Little o' this, little o' that

Oh, so many subjects on which to opine, and such strict self-imposed limits on my writing time. But such is the way I am finding that I have to deal with things. On to the blather!
  • City Stages is over. Didn't miss it a bit. Hope it sticks around and brings in some acts next year that I might actually want to see.
  • Father's Day was great. Seriously. Jean had a card waiting for me when I awoke, we got some great stuff done at the house, I got to see my eldest daughter's choir tour homecoming concert, there was a great late lunch with family, and finally a relaxed and groovy evening at the house including dancing on the deck to "Aiko Aiko." It was, in short, a dadgum good day. Might well be my best Father's Day ever. Thanks to Jean, Katie, Juliana, Mom, and everyone else who made it possible.
  • Iran is just a mess, and moreover, it's bad timing. North Korea, too. I think the G20 should, in unison, let these two countries know that they need to cool it for a while because the grownups are busy. There's this whole global economic crisis and significant problems with the earth remaining habitable much longer. You kids act right and we'll deal with you later. Don't make us come in there!
  • The process of making the house "Deluxe" continues. There's a whole story behind this, and it doesn't mean spending a ton of money. It's more of a culling process, getting rid of clutter -- not just in the home, but in life. It's way cool, and I look forward to continuing the ongoing deluxification.
  • On to someone I consider the antithesis of Deluxe: Richard Scrushy. Good to see last week that justice is one step closer for the man who killed his own dream and the retirement plans of millions of HealthSouth stockholders. If there is any real justice, he will get out of prison a broken man who can only get work cleaning port-a-potties after heavily-attending summer music festivals. Oh, and he has to use his tongue.
  • Last, and hardly least, work continues apace on Committed. Episode 31 should be posted by Friday. We're about 3/4 of the way through the story, and it's getting exciting. And, I hope, funny. Oh, and I can't forget about it being commercially viable. After the episodes are complete, I'll be editing them into a manuscript for submission to a variety of publishers. Lots to do before I reach that point, though.
It's looking to be a good week. I'll also be working on the July newsletter for the Magic City Blues Society and possible getting some stuff done on the Benz. Busy is good.

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