15 June 2009

The best laid plans
sometimes work out okay anyway

What a weekend it was to be. Last week, I got almost caught up with the yardwork. This weekend, Jean and I planned to spend the morning on Saturday sprucing up the outside of our home, trimming, weeding, planting, and all sorts of good stuff. Then we would go to the Blues Society's Junkyard Juke for an afternoon of blues and beer outdoors. We would get up on Sunday and hit the yard again.

Then the rains came. And came. And came some more. The rain on Saturday morning was ridiculous at our house. A small river ran down the side of Oxmoor Road, and we weren't getting out of the house, much less working in the yard -- unless we started some new extreme aquaculture project.

Then Jean came up with the idea of rearranging the house. I sighed. This is a fairly regular project at our house; so much so that we even wrote a line about it in our wedding vows. But, as I swore in those vows, I smiled and got to work without a complaint.

But there was something different about our rearranging this time. It seemed more purposeful somehow. And as we worked, things kept getting better and better.

The rain finally stopped, and we headed out for the Junkyard Juke. We drove around Avondale for a while trying to find it, and finally stopped and got out of the car. There was no Juke to be found. We wandered around for a few minutes, called a friend to check the MCBS website to find the new location (He never called back. I guess Halo is more important. Bastard.), and got back into the car.

We eventually gave up on finding the event and headed back home, with a stop for falafel on the way. We ended up having our own little music festival on the deck the rest of the night.

It rained again Sunday, and we resumed our rearranging. Things fell into place quickly, and by four o'clock, we were finished with our bedroom, a second bedroom, our office alcove, and the living room.

As we sat last night in our bedroom, it was almost like being someplace new. The room had an entirely new atmosphere. And even though we'd purchased nothing -- we simply moved furniture from one room to a different one -- the space engendered a feeling of indulgence. As we said to each other last night, it was DELUXE.

If it's this good now, I'm really interested in seeing how things will be once we get the painting and so forth done.

Long story short, I did nothing I planned to do this weekend. And for once, that was a very good thing.

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