02 November 2009

NaNoWriMo Update: Day 2

Two days in, two word count goals met. I'm pleased.

And a little bit (but quite pleasantly) surprised.

Today wasn't as easy as yesterday was, but of course I'd been working on the first 2,500 words in my head from the time I started thinking about taking on NaNoWriMo. Even suffering the after-effects of a too-much-fun Halloween party, I was able to ride excitement and adrenaline through the first word goal. Not so much today. It was work at some points, but I muscled my way through and ended up 300 words ahead of my goal. I'm more than 10 percent done. Only eighteen more days like the past two, and I'll hit that magical 50,000 word mark.

I'll be taking a planned break from actual writing on the novel starting tomorrow through Saturday. Tuesdays will generally be non-writing days, as Jean works from home on those days and will be needing the computer. Even though we are both on vacation this week, I'm planning to stick to the Tuesday schedule. It also works out because I'll be attending a class at the Birmingham Blogging Academy tomorrow.

We will be leaving for a family trip to Orange Beach on Wednesday, and while we're away I'll be working on some phase outlines for the story. We'll return home on Saturday, and I'll pick up the writing again next Sunday. I'm a little worried about breaking my momentum right here at the beginning, and I'm also slightly concerned about how I will react next week to having to work my regular schedule and write at the same time. The 2,500-word-a-day goal is just about what I would write in an entire week for an episode of Committed, and I've had trouble getting those out on a timely basis.

(As an aside, Committed is going on hiatus for the month of Novemeber, and possibly a little beyond. I'll make a more formal announcement later on.)

Nonetheless, I'm confident I can do it. I've planned well. If I stick to the plan, and I keep meeting -- and exceeding -- my daily word goals, it will all end up just fine. The story is coming. My characters are talking to me. I'm having -- dare I say it -- fun with this whole thing.

So I'm done with Day Two. Time to crack open a well-deserved beer and raise a toast to Day Three! Bring it!

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