21 September 2009

Post-weekend update

Musings on a waterlogged Monday morning:

First things first: The rain has got to stop. This is not the Pacific Northwest, we are not in a temperate rainforest, and there is no reason for the rain to continue as it has for the past couple of weeks.

Yet still it comes down.

I'm starting to see some serious issues as a result of all the precipitation. My skin is starting to prune outside the bath, the humidity is giving me Sideshow Bob-like hair, and our lawn is turning into an urban jungle (a big no-no here in Homewood, but the yard has been too wet to cut when I've had the opportunity to mow it).

Perhaps Mother Nature is trying to make up for the drought of 2007, and do so in a single month. Or maybe Larry Langford teamed up with Kevin Costner to turn the metro area into a "Waterworld" theme park, and he just forgot to tell anybody. Or maybe Al Gore was right, and this is but one consequence of global warming; the rain won't stop, and by the end of the month Montgomery will be a coastal city.

Whatever the reason, the rain needs to stop before I go nuts. I need to ride my bike, I need to cut the grass, and I need to wring myself out before I get all Seattle-depressed and pull a Cobain.
Here are your other bits and pieces from the weekend:
  • Friday was good with the posting of the latest episode of Committed. I am eager to get Episode 34 underway and up this week.
  • Friday night at the Pork Palace was busy, even with Homewood playing at home (which usually means we are dead). The last hour or so was slow, so I got out early.
  • Enjoyed visiting with my sister-in-law Teresa while she was here for the "Aquatic Dreams" show at Dream Mecca Studios. She, our friend Lauren, Jean and I all hung out at the house Friday night after the show. Saturday morning, Teresa, Jean and I took a trip to Pepper Place and the Jones Valley Urban Farm. I didn't know they had chickens on-site!
  • Saturday evening brought a rain-delayed Auburn versus West Virginia football game. I listened on the radio, as Jean and I didn't much feel like getting out and we don't have cable. It sounded like an exciting game, for sure, with my Tigers coming out on top 41-30. War Eagle, baby!
  • Sunday was lazy, for me at least. Jean worked on her yoga class, and then taught. I picked up around the house and chilled -- until dinnertime, that is. We had a veritable veggie feast, with green beans and fried okra (both organic, local, and fresh from Saturday's market trip), black beans (leftover from Friday night), basmati rice, and a green salad. Thought I was going to pop!
All in all, a great weekend and a good foundation for a new week. Here's what's on tap:
  • This is the week for designing the monthly newsletter for the Magic City Blues Society. I'll be working on it a lot.
  • Episode 34 of Committed should be up sometime Friday or Saturday.
  • I'm also working on a profile of local filmmaker Chance Shirley, which will be up before "Interplanetary" shows on Sunday at the Carver Theatre as part of the Sidewalk fest.
  • Saturday will bring a one-day trip to Georgia to visit family. Should be fun!

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