23 September 2009

Blues News, Committed, and Chance Shirley

I'm looking forward to today with a "let's get things done" eye. I'm feeling productive, creative even, and that's a good thing. I'm under a pretty tight deadline for this week, needing to work on three major projects:
  • Episode 34 of Committed -- the conclusion to what I'm now calling "The Vulcan Park Incident" is coming along nicely. I'm hoping it will be as entertaining as I think it will be -- and it also features Birmingham's own Eric McGinty in a cameo role! Look for it sometime Friday on my site and on Scribd.
  • Magic City Blues News -- Slowly but surely the October issue is coming together. It features a nice article about Gravy, which will reunite for this year's Blues Ball. Magic City Blues Society members can look for it early during the first week of October.
  • Interview with Chance Shirley -- The Birmingham filmmaker expounds on how to make an epic science fiction film on no budget (hint: include a really cute woman wearing nothing but a space helmet). Look for it Friday on my site, arkirby.com.
Now, if I can just stay away from facebook and Twitter, I might get all this done!

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