14 July 2009

Mark this day -- and mark it well

It's July 14, which means two things: One, it's Bastille Day (vive la France!); and two, it's the day the first episode of Committed made it's way, kicking and screaming, onto the World Wide Web.

It hardly seems as if a year has gone by. It's been a busy one for sure, filled with ups and downs and related twists and turns. Of course, the year has hardly gone according to plan; schedules have been rearranged, writer's block has shown it's ugly head a time or two (dozen), and the story has evolved with time. But, when one is putting up a first draft of a novel for the entire world to see, plans necessarily must change.

But now we're in the home stretch. There are probably ten to twelve episodes left in to write for the story (and yes, I know Episode 32 is already overdue), then I will collect them all, edit them into a manuscript, and start harassing publishers.

But until then, I'll keep delving into the lives of Tal and Liv Hooper, Toby, and The Collective. There's lots of fun still to come, and I hope you'll join me for it. If you haven't read Committed yet, I encourage you to do so. If you are one of the few and the proud who has, I offer you my sincere thanks. Knowing that someone reads and enjoys my work is what keeps me writing.

So, happy birthday, Committed. It's been one heck of a year.

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Anonymous said...

YAY DADDY!!!! one whole year, that's amazing! I love you and will see you tomorrow