08 July 2009

The best day of my life

I posted a status update on facebook this morning that stated I was "looking forward to the best day of my life."

Some might wonder why I wrote that, especially considering what all is going on in my life these days. Just today, I woke up a tad out of sync with the world, experiencing one of those days where there are lots of little things going on that make you just want to get back into the bed. My sinuses are acting up, giving me a slight headache. My stomach is not happy, likely as a result of the sinus drainage. The weather is blah. My car is immobile at the moment, and I have neither pump nor innertube with which to get my bicycle operating again, so my traveling is limited to whatever is within walking distance. Things are slow at the Pork Palace, so income is always a concern. I've got a to-do list several miles long, not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to get done, and if I stop and think about all my projects at once I'll overwhelm myself and go hide under a rock in the back yard.

So I have reason to be back in bed, sniveling under the covers, killing the day. But I choose not to. Why? A change of perspective. Instead of looking at what's wrong with my life, I recently started looking at what's right. And it helps me get through days like today.

As far as feeling bad physically, I'm taking care of myself -- and starting to feel better. My head is getting back into the game. I have a plan for working on the car; it's taking time, but it won't be long before the old Benz is safely and reliably transporting me all over the place. For now, I really don't need a car during the day. I can walk to work, and I can pick up what I need for my bike when Jean's car is available. As far as finances are concerned, we're working with a monthly budget, I'm picking up extra hours at work when I can, and we'll soon have more money coming in from Jean's yoga teaching and my freelance work. As far as getting everything done, I've finally accepted that it just takes time. It also takes time management, and I get better with that every day. I'm making plans and schedules, and I'm seeing progress in all areas of my life.

Jean and I are discovering a process, which is constantly being refined and updated, with the goal of "All Deluxe, All The Time". It's working, and we can't be happier about it. Life just keeps getting better, and when there is a problem, we're better able to handle it. Not only that, I'm finding the self-discipline to not only work the process, but to trust it as well. When things start looking down -- days like today -- I know that if I keep making baby steps, good things will happen.

My personal process has been ongoing for a number of years now, and it's picked up speed during the past several months. From an eastern philosophical point of view, it could be said that everything I've experienced in my life has brought me to -- and prepared me for -- this moment. And right now, I can't say I can argue.

So, I am looking forward to the best day of my life. That day is today. Because it's the day I have.

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