05 August 2008

Time for a change?

Sunday nights at my house are starting to get very, very long.

Because I post new episodes of Committed on Monday mornings, I spend a lot of time on Sundays getting the site ready for the new episodes. This involves several steps: breaking down the episodes into separate pages (I try to get them to between 500-600 words per page); building the new pages for the episode; updating the site navigation for the pages (I cannot adequately describe how much I hate that part); updating the home page to showcase the new episode; and preparing an e-mail announcing the new episode to send to the mailing list on Monday morning. Of course, this doesn't include last-minute additions or edits to the content itself. I'm notorious for changing things at the last minute.

I'm not a programmer, so there is a fair bit of trial and error involved on my part. Thankfully, we're using DotNetNuke as our content management system, which makes it pretty easy for a non-tech like me to put in new content. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about coding and such to make it very simple. I spend more time copying and pasting source code for the page navigation than I do anything else, which is quite a chore for me. As Committed grows (and it's growing -- I can't believe next Monday will see the posting of the fifth episode), this chore grows as well, and by the time I get to 20 episodes, it may be too much for me to handle.

When you also consider that the Redheaded Hippe Chick and I are also working full-time at other jobs, trying to get her daughter ready for college, and preparing our house to go on the market, it is easy to see that I might want to find some time-saving solutions for Committed updates.

As such, I'm investigating the possibility of integrating WordPress into the site. Over the next couple of weeks, you may see some design changes, but I hope they won't be too glaring.

We shall see.

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