07 August 2008

New comedy project in the works

For the most part, I like writing. But sometimes I need to stretch out a little bit and try something different. This week, I'm doing exactly that.

A good friend of mine, Lou Willie (of voice talent fame on radios throughout the southeast), is working with me on a short comedy video. I wrote it, he's producing and editing it, and we did out first shooting yesterday. I'm not at liberty to give many details about the project, other than it is an ad parody with some subtle social subtext. Or, more likely considering who's working on it, not-so-subtle social criticism. My portion of the project is being done under the Kitchen Sink Creative Group banner, and when it is complete, the video will be posted to a number of sites, including kitchensinkcreativegroup.com, arkirby.com, YouTube, and Funny or Die.

The shoot yesterday went very well. We got most of the principal shooting completed, with one more scene to go. With any luck, we'll have this wrapped and ready for posting on the innerwebs within the next two weeks. An official announcement will be made (and an e-mail sent to the the arkirby.com subscribers) when the project is posted.

Get ready for some haha!

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