20 August 2008

Changes a-comin'

Be on the lookout for a new feature on arkirby.com sometime in the next couple of weeks!

First of all, there will be a new Feedback section on the site. This will allow visitors to post comments about anything and everything on the site. I'm still trying to decide whether the section will be moderated. My gut tells me to just let it ride and allow people to post whatever they want. I know allowing unmoderated posts leaves me open to a thoughtless, crappy posts, but there are a lot of thoughtless, crappy people out there.

Second, work continues on some different content. Today we'll be shooting the remaining footage of the comedy piece we're working on. Hopefully, it will be edited and posted to the site by the end of next week.

Of course, new episodes of Committed will be going up next week, and the story is about to get blissfully weird. I don't want to give much away, but I can say that the next episode will be channeling the spirit of Paul Lynde.

More later!

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