25 February 2009

At long last, updates to arkirby.com

It took a few more months that expected (mainly because I never made the time to do it), but arkirby.com is now updated!

I am many things -- writer, husband, bartender, father, etc. -- but one thing I am not is an experienced webmaster. As such, little things I do to my site often have unexpected consequences. For example, several weeks ago I quite unintentionally deleted all the navigation from my site. Oops. But as of yesterday, that particular issue has been resolved. Other changes include:
  • All episodes of Committed are now in Scribd format
  • Easier-than-ever episode navigation
In addition to these updates, in the next couple of weeks I'll also be making changes to all the Scribd pages so they are uniform, and it looks like I'll be adding a "videos" section to the site as well.

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