11 October 2008

What a week (sniff, sniff)

Okay, forget about viral videos. This has been a week for viral infections.

To put it mildly, I've been sick as a dog since Tuesday. Fever, chills, body aches -- the whole kit and kaboodle. Sick enough that I not only: (a) called in for three shifts this week (that never happens); but also (b) WENT TO THE DOCTOR (that really never, ever happens).

Unfortunately, the fine medical establishment determined that my illness was, in fact, viral in origin, and hence, nothing could be done except to treat the symptoms and wait for the virus to run its course. So I've been downing ibuprofen and decongestant like a madman and generally feeling like crap because of both the illness and the meds.

Thankfully, things seem to be getting better this morning. It's about time.

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