15 October 2008

Crazy busy ahead

It's a good time at the Casa Kirby/Campbell these days. An incredibly busy time, but certainly a good one. The Redheaded Hippie Chick and I are experiencing one of those rare but wonderful periods of incredible productivity, creative and otherwise.

Jean's yoga instructor training is in full swing, and I believe it is an enjoyable challenge for her. I'm proud of the way she has gone full-bore into this; I wish I had that kind of discipline. I'm writing more these days; ideas for episodes are coming more quickly now (and there are some good episodes coming up soon), and that creative energy is spilling over into other areas. We've also got quite a few projects going on around the house, including the refashioning of the amphibian terrarium into a combination living space for both the rabbit and the reptiles (living in separate areas, of course).

Obviously, life is about to get crazy busy. And I think I like it that way.

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