01 July 2008

Wow - It's really here!

Wow... I'm finding it hard to believe it's really July 1 already, and there's a website with my name on it that's actually available to the public.

What you are viewing is the result of almost two years' worth of planning and dreaming, as well as a couple of weeks' worth of blood, sweat and tears to make it actually look like something worthwhile on the web. Jean and I have been talking since August of '06 about the book I was going to write; we've been talking since January about how I was going to get it published. And arkirby.com is the result.

We are both very excited about what's about to happen on this site, as well as the site itself. Jean did a great job with the nuts and bolts of getting the site together, and I can't thank her enough for all the work she's done. Even though we've both put a lot into this, there's much more to do. July 14 is now less than two weeks away, and that means the official launch of Committed!

Read and enjoy!

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