11 July 2008

Keeps getting better

It just keeps getting better, I think.

Although there is a seemingly never-ending list of things to be done regarding the arkirby.com site (not to mention Committed), it just keeps getting better. We're tweaking bits and pieces here and there on an almost daily basis in an attempt to make the site visually exciting and incredibly user-friendly. And I think it's working.

But even the most attractive, easy-to-use site in the world is nothing without content. If there's nothing here for you to read, why bother visiting? So we're also working hard to make sure there is content that is interesting and fun. In addition to the Monday launch of Committed, I'll also be posting some new essays in the very near future. Likely something about animals. You write what you know.

So, this weekend will be big as we're finishing up details for Epiosode One, as well as doing some fine-tuning. It should be fun. Can't wait until Monday!

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