05 October 2009

Monday, cats, and a big ole list

It's Monday, which is pain enough in and of itself, but today the cats want to play "How Can I Get On Your Nerves?" to boot. I'm not digging it.

It seems like at least three times a week, our four cats get together to nominate the Annoying Cat Of The Day. Plague, the stub-tailed black male, is proudly wearing the title today. He's been banished from the printer tray no fewer than five times already, and I can see him peeking around the corner at me as I write this -- planning more devilry, no doubt.

As such, I'll be trying to cat-proof the rest of my week. It won't be easy. But I'll muddle through somehow; I usually do. For example, I got Episode 34 of Committed posted this morning (albeit late; I really wanted to have it up on Friday, but I just ran out of time). Definitely not my best writing, either. I'll look forward to revisiting this section when am working on the manuscript.

Of course, I will be working on a new episode this week. The Collective will reappear in Episode 35, where we find out what happened with Brandon, Vernon and Ralph after the pissbot attack. This will be a pretty funny episode, and I think it will develop the character of Brandon a little more. We'll see. I hope to have it up by Friday.

Tuesday will bring few opportunities for work on the computer, because Jean has begun working from home one day a week. We're still working into our routine, but I like having her here during the day. I'll probably do a lot of yardwork during the day, and I'll play with some hand-written story ideas.

I also want to start working on a couple of other ideas this week. I want to develop the whole "Deluxe" ideal, perhaps even into a nonfiction book; I'm toying with an idea regarding our various and sundry animals; and I want to try my hand at writing some short stories. Working in another major project into an already tight schedule will be a challenge, but I'm getting better at managing my time. I ought to be able to do this with little problem.

That ought to keep me busy. Additionally, we'll be getting the house ready for the girls to come visit this weekend, and there are some home improvement projects waiting in the wings.

Ain't nothin' fer it but to do it. Gonna be a good week. As long as I can keep the cats in line.

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