09 March 2009

Better late than never, right?

So I lied on my last post.

Not only did I not get Episode 26 posted until 10 days later than I said I would, I didn't get an e-mail out until a full 10 days afterward.

But it wasn't time spent in vain, and it wasn't an outright lie. I thought at the time that I would have an episode out the next day. But as I revisited it, the piece changed direction on me, and it turned out to be a bear to write. My original idea was nothing like the final product. But I think the changes from the original to the finished episode were much for the better. The writing is some of my favorite in the book so far.

In addition to Episode 26, I also put up a new piece dealing with international tennis and federal transportation funds. There's a combination for you.

I hope to knock out Episode 27 early this week and have it up by Thursday. If it happens, it will be a first for the site. To date, I've never posted an episode early.

I'm pleased with the changes to the layout and navigation, although I think there are still a few minor points to hammer out. I think Jean will be looking at that this weekend.

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